Meet Our Trainers

Deshae’ Betts

Deshae’ is head of the transformation coaching team!

Deshae’ has a passion for designing gym programs that are appropriate to a client’s age, body type, and fitness goals. These programs will maximize workout efficiency, improve fitness levels, increase stamina and develop an overall sense of wellbeing.

With years of education and experience In Nutrition and Fitness, being a Fitness Competitor, and a working Mom, Deshae’ has mastered how to turn healthy habits into a lifestyle change!  Deshae’ has a motivated drive to apply education and enthusiasm in supporting clients in their Total Body Transformation Journey!

Jsaquan Alexander-Riley

Jsaquan, also know as Jay, brings knowledge, motivation, and a smile to every client that stands in front of him.

He has a degree in Exercise Science, studying multiple aspects of the field through strength and condition, plyometrics, speed and agility and rehabilitation. He was a dual athlete in Track & Field and Volleyball. Along his journey he joined the United States Marine Corps. His passion is to transform each person with their goals to continue to develop their bodies into their temples!

Colton Bellamy

Colton is an NASM certified trainer. He’s been lifting weights for about 9 years.

Colton fell in love with weight lifting in high school and it’s been a passion ever since. Now he wants to help empower people to move more efficiently and live a happier, healthier life.

Sydney McQuinn

Sydney was a multi-sport athlete from the age of 8 to 18 when she decided to take a D1 scholarship to play softball, which she is currently still pursuing. She has been training for sport performance for 8 years as well as weight lifting for the past 5 years.

Sydney is also studying at UMKC to be a registered nurse with a BSN. This allows her to understand the relationship between exercise and disease/injury to prevent further injury and maximize physical health. This background also allows her to work with a wide range of clients, from young athletes to clients with a weight loss goal.

Matt Grove

Matt has been an NASM CPT since 2015 and has been personal training as a part time job ever since. He is a member of the Lee’s Summit Fire Department full time for 14 years.

He enjoys everything about the training process from the interaction with clients to seeing how much they enjoy the hard work and the feeling of accomplishing their fitness goals.