The Hourglass Challenge

Hourglass Challenge

The Hourglass Challenge is a 6 week program with a 6 day-a-week glute & lower body, ab, and high-intensity cardio workout schedule. The program breaks down the week into each body part.

The entire workout is written and performed in an interactive format, which includes 4 Small Group Personal Training Sessions, along with:

  • Over 87 different Butt exercises that target each part of your Glutes.
  • Over 69 different Ab exercises that will attack your love handles and pouch.
  • Over 37 H.I.I.T Cardio exercises that are designed to Build Muscle in your upper body and melt the fat on your lower back, and below your butt to give you that Hourglass Curve.

Groundbreaking secrets; this is not just a routine filled with butt exercises. You get a completely comprehensive program that is designed to attack your butt, waistline, and midsection to bring the entire small waist, plump peach effect.

On top of all that! You will also receive a 6-week food plan to grow your butt and eliminate your Gutt! I provide the secret plan that my competitors use to get ready for the stage. The food plan is broken up into three different phases. Here’s a secret but do not tell anyone…. You also get a cheat meal once a week throughout this program!

  • Portion control and timing of meals for individuals who choose to train in the morning and or/ evening.
  • Facebook Chat and Support Group filled with Meal Prepping Ideas, Recipes, and Interactive Workouts!
  • In Studio Personal Training Sessions or Virtual Workouts!
  • 4 Training sessions per week with detailed meal plans and more for only $59 per week.

What More Can You ask For in a Challenge??? Personal Interaction with DFIT Herself?? You Got it!! I look forward to walking you through your Hourglass Figure Transformation!!!

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