Justin Fowler –

Transformation Fowler

When Justin started with us, he weighed 148.8 lbs. After just 14 weeks, he has lost 29.5 total inches. He lost 9% total body fat and a whopping 33 lbs. His end weight is 117.6 lbs.

“When I went to basketball camp on June 12, 2010, I weighed 148 pounds. I hated being the slow guy on the team, and really dreaded being skins. When I got back from camp, I told my mom how unhappy I was with the way I looked and felt.

“My brother and I met with Bobby Smith, owner of Total Body Fitness, about their program, workouts and menus. We started the program and before I knew it, BAM! 10 pounds already lost. Cheating was never a problem for me. Knowing that in my weigh in I was going to get pinched, weighed, and measured, was enough to keep me out of the snack and candy drawer.

“Total Body Fitness has changed my life forever. The thing I learned is that one’s goal weight isn’t just a fantasy. I will continue this lifestyle for as long as I live. The whole experience was amazing and the great trainers made it a lot of fun. So far, I have lost 33 pounds with Bobby Smith’s program and have only a couple more to go. If a thirteen year old can do it, can’t you?”

-Justin Fowler