Cathy Herndon –

Transformation Herndon

Cathy has lost a total of 25 inches, 24.4 lbs and 17.6% body fat working with us.

“I hadn’t had any real issues with my weight until I reached my forties. I refused to change my eating habits and was having trouble staying on any regular workout regimen. It just wasn’t in me. I had no drive or ability to stick with anything good for me. I kept gaining weight, getting flabbier and my clothes got tighter and tighter. I felt horrible and uncomfortable in anything I wore, not to mention I was tired all of the time!

“One day I was getting ready for work and I couldn’t even button my “fat” jeans. I was DONE. I needed to get control of this part of my life. I had heard a friend mention Total Body Fitness at a party, so that morning I called and spoke to Bobby on the way to work. I came in and met with him and began the program one week later, and have never looked back!

“Bobby gave me the motivation, direction, tools and ‘stick-to-it-ness’ to get me to where I needed to be, today and the rest of my life. I’m eating and working out like I never thought I could, and I feel wonderful! I’m amazed at how quickly I came out of my slump and how easy it is to stay motivated to be healthy. The Total Body Fitness team has been the constant motivator and supporter that made my transformation possible! My only regret is that I didn’t meet Bobby sooner!”

-Cathy Herndon